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google pay customer care

Upihelpline of India by Google Pay 

Google Pay (Tez) Customer Care Toll-free Helpline Number 

Google Pay customer face many problems of fund transfer. It is 2019 and Still, people are complaining about the 

‘Money not Credited to beneficiary Account’. However, you have many ways to contact customer care of Google Pay. 

But, It is not easy to contact the toll-free helpline. Thus, you should use other methods of filing the complaint. In this 

post, I have discussed all the methods of contacting customer support including the Toll-free number. 

I have discussed all the methods of Google Pay Support. But before that, You must pay attention to the following facts. 


The tollfree helpline should be your last resort as there would be a long waiting period. Also, there are many fraud 

numbers floating on the internet, if you dial that number, the fraudster can cheat you. 

For the non-credit of money, you should wait for 4-5 days. As often money is credited back to your account. Check your 

bank statement for that. 

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  1. Issues of Google Pay (Reasons for contacting Customer care) 
  2. Toll-Free Number of Google Pay 
  3. Request a Call Back 
  4. Chat With Google Representative 
  5. Write in the forum 
  6. RBI Ombudsman 
  7. Self Troubleshoot 
  8. Fix problems verifying your phone number 
  9. Fix problems in sending and receiving money 
  10. Fix problems in receiving rewards 
  11. Issues of Google Pay (Reasons for contacting Customer care) 

There can be many issues which force you to contact Google Pay Customer Support. There are a lot of things for which 

you might need some help from Google Pay (Tez) customer care. Even sometimes you need to make a complaint about 

an issue you are facing. Be it the app activation or making the payments. You can reach out to Google pay customer 

care and seek some help. 

I have listed some of the common problems of Google Pay. 

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Problems of Google Pay: 

Any transaction failed contact Google pay tez toll-free number in Google pay - 1800 419 0157 

Account debited from your bank account but not credited to the recipient’s account. This is the problem of 99% Google 

Pay user. 

The problem in sending or receiving money using Google Pay (Tez) payment app. 

Unable to create UPI account. 

Can’t create or reset UPI PIN using Google Pay (Tez) app. 

Your bank account is not listed on Tez. 

Your payment got stuck. 

Google Pay app is not working properly. 

If you are facing any of the above issues then don’t worry. I am going to tell you how can you contact Google Pay (Tez) 

customer care service to resolve the problem. 

You can any day contact to the customer care But I will also tell you some possible solutions so that you can solve the 

problem yourself. In fact, There are some problems that don’t require contacting Google Pay (Tez) customer care. 

Instead, you can solve them yourself by following some easy steps. To Self Troubleshoot the problem, you should jump 

to the ‘Self troubleshoot Section’. 

As I have said there are many ways to register your grievance. You can either call them, mail them, request a callback 

or post a query in the Gooogle Tez forum. Note, the toll-free number is often busy so you must try other options as well. 

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  1. Toll-Free Number of Google Pay 

The first people want to know is the Google Pay Toll-free helpline number. That is why I am telling this number first. 

But, I still suggest that this should be your last resort. 

There two different helpline numbers, one for registered mobile numbers and another is for unregistered mobile 

numbers. Both these toll-free numbers stay active 24×7 so you can call them anytime you want. 

In this method, you can talk to the person one on one. Hence you can explain your problem better than any other mode. 

Google Pay (Tez) Toll-Free Helpline Number (For Registered Numbers): 1800 419 0157 

Google Pay (Tez) Toll-Free Helpline Number (For Un-Registered Numbers): 1800 258 2554 

Note- There are no other numbers of Google Pay. Never, call to any other number as there are many fraud numbers 

floating on the internet. The fraudsters use those number to cheat you. Unfortunately, there have been many such 

instances. Please Be careful, never approve any payment request. Think 10 times before entering your UPI PIN. 


Beware! Customer Care Number Fraudsters are On Prowl 

  1. Request a Call Back 

If it is difficult to contact Google Pay customer care support, you can also request a callback. This method is 

somewhat similar to making a call to customer care from your end. You can talk to the customer care person and get 

the solution for your problem on the phone. The only difference is that in this method, you receive the call from 

customer care instead of yourself making a call. 

You can request a callback anytime from the Google Pay (Tez) app itself by following the below steps. 

Open the Google Pay (Tez) app and go to settings. 

Scroll down and find ‘Help & Feedback’ option and tap on it. You can read the help articles here or just tap on the 

contact button given at the bottom of the page. 

Now scroll down to ‘Contact us’ section and tap on the round blue button saying ‘Phone’. 

Here, enter your name, country and mobile number if they’re not there already. Also, describe your issue in a few words. 

However, it is purely optional. 

Now, click on the submit button at the top right corner. You will soon receive a call from Google Pay (Tez) customer 

car. Receive that call and talk to the customer service representative. 

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  1. Chat With Google Representative 

You can also chat with a Tez customer care specialist to resolve your issue. This method becomes handy when you 

don’t want to talk to the customer care on phone. You can initiate a chat 24×7 in Google Pay (Tez) payment app. Below 

are the steps. 

Open the Tez app, go to settings and then find and tap on the ‘Help & Feedback’ option. 

Here, scroll down and tap on the ‘Contact’ option at the bottom of the page. 

Now, you will find the ‘Chat’ option at the contact us section. Tap on it to go to the ‘Chat’ page. 

Describe your issue in a few words if you want. And then click on the submit button. 

Now, you reach the chat page and you can see your number in the chat queue. Wait for a few seconds and a specialist 

will connect with you via chat. 

Note: You might not see the chat option in the contact us menu. Don’t worry, it is just because every specialist is busy 

solving other user’s queries. All you need to do is wait for sometimes. And you will be able to see the chat option there. 

  1. Write in the forum 

Google also launched a product forum for Google Pay (Tez). You can post your problems and queries there. There are 

several experts active all the time. They will soon consider your query and provide a suitable solution for that. Follow 

the steps below. 

Visit Google Pay (Tez) Product Forum. 

Ensure that you are logged in using your Google account. If not then use your Google account to log into the forum. 

Now click on the ‘New Topic’ to create your query. 

Now, write your query title in the question box and details in the big textbox below. You can also select your issue type 

from the sidebar dropdowns. 

After writing your query, click on ‘POST’ to post your query to the forum. 

Experts will soon answer your query. 

Note: No Email support is available for Google Pay (Tez). However, if you get an email from Google Pay (Tez), you can 

reply to it and get answers to your queries. 

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  1. RBI Ombudsman 

Besides many ways of customer support, you may not be satisfied. In such case, you can complain to the Ombudsman. 

Recently the RBI has posted 21 ombudsmen for the digital transaction. You must go to them for any problem but only if 

the Tez did not resolve your issue. 

  1. Self Troubleshoot 

There are several problems that you can fix yourself. Most of these problems occur due to some technical issues with 

your handset or network. 

  1. Fix problems verifying your phone number 

Too many users face this problem when they try to verify their phone number in Google Pay (Tez). Sometimes the 

handset doesn’t send the SMS to the UPI app servers. And sometimes the OTP doesn’t arrive. You can fix this issue 

most of the time by following the steps below. 

Check if your phone has enough account balance to send the one time SMS to UPI servers. If not, then recharge your 

phone and try again. UPI charges the normal SMS rate for this SMS i.e. Rs. 1.50 normally. 

Check if your internet is working or not by visiting some websites. You can also try sending texts using WhatsApp or 

any other messenger that uses the internet to send messages. If your internet is not working then go to someplace that 

has better network coverage. Also, make sure that the airplane mode is turned off on your phone. 

If the OTP doesn’t arrive, then try resending it once again. If the problem persists, then close the Google Pay (Tez) app 

and launch it again. You can also restart your phone to resolve this issue. It resolves the issue most of the time. 

Contact Google Pay (Tez) customer care using chat or call if the problem even persists. 

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  1. Fix problems in sending and receiving money 

If you are trying to send or receiving payment using cash mode on Google Pay (Tez). Then ensure that the place is not 

noisy. If it noisy, then move to a quieter place. Also, make sure that the sender is in pay mode and receiver is in receive 

mode. Remove any cases or covers from your phone. 

Check the payer’s account balance for the availability of enough money. If you are making the payment by entering the 

details manually, then check for any error in details. Check typing mistakes on UPI ID, bank account or IFSC. Moreover, 

check that you haven’t crossed the transaction limits for a day. 

If all these things are fine then contact the Google Pay (Tez) customer care using any of the above methods. 

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  1. Fix problems in receiving rewards 

If you made a transaction and hadn’t received the scratch card, then don’t worry. First of all, check if your transaction is 

eligible for the scratch card or not. Note that payments made to other UPI apps users are not eligible to get scratch 

card rewards. You should go to the offers page and read the terms to know the eligibility. 

If you are eligible and didn’t get the scratch card then contact the Google Pay (Tez) customer care. You can use Google 

Pay (Tez) Toll-Free helpline number and chat to contact the customer cars. 

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