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Reasons To Contact Phonepe Customer Care

There may be various reason to contact the Phonepe customer care. You may have a complaint or some query. The Phonepe tries to address all of your concern. Is your problem matches from the following list?


  • The UPI transaction failed but the Amount is debited from your account.
  • The transaction was successful but the amount did not credit to the beneficiary account.
  • The Phonepe app is not accepting your UPI PIN.
  • You are getting a collect request from an anonymous person.
  • You are unable to create your Phonepe UPI PIN.
  • The App hangs during the transactions.
  • You have changed your mobile number, What to do.


I have listed some common queries but there may be some other problems. Don’t worry, there is Phonepe customer support to give you the answer.


Methods to Reach Phonepe Customer Care

You can contact its customer care through the call, chat and email. Besides this, there is a knowledge bank of some common problems. Moreover, you would find solutions to some common problems here itself on this page.


Support Ticket through Chat

The easiest way to contact the Phonepe customer care is the Support ticket. The support is provided through the chat facility. You can chat with the Phonepe customer care through the App itself. If the customer care executive is available, you can talk immediately. Else, you can write your problem, the support person would reply to it as soon as possible.

Getting support through this method is quite easy and self-explanatory. Most of the time you would not require the support from the executive the system itself would answer your question. The phonepe has a well-structured support system. The problems are categorized. When you choose your category and explain your problem, the system itself provides some solution. Because of this arrangement, mostly you get your answer without any waiting period.

To reach chat customer support of the Phonepe, you have to open the app and go my account section.



In my account page, you would find a link of ‘Help’. Tap on the link.


The help page contains various categories of your problems. Choose the type of the problem.

After the selection of complaint type, you would reach to the various common questions. If your problem matches with the given questions, you would get the answers immediately. Else, you can contact through the given button.

In the contact page, you have to write your problem in detail. The sytem would automatically gather some basic information about the problem. It would again suggest some answer, If you are not satisfied, an executive would attend your problem.



For support related queries write to:


For security related queries write to:


Contact Number of Phonepe

You can also dial to the contact number of the Phonepe. However, the given number is not toll-free. You would be charged for the call. Hence, you should always prefer the support ticket and email as these are free.

The contact number of Phonepe : 0124-6789-345 (Working hours: 7am to 11pm)


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    Any complaint query transaction related transaction failed aur beneficiary account not credit please contact customer care
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